Full-Service Hand Car Washing in Florence, AL

Melvin's On The Spot Car Wash is conveniently located between downtown Florence and the mall area. We provide only the highest level of service. If you're looking for full-service hand car washing in Florence, AL, you've come to the right place! Whether it's the weekly wash or a special occasion cleanout, you'll leave feeling good in a clean car when you treat your ride to a suds by Melvin's On The Spot Car Wash.

A unique pickup and delivery service, provided within a limited area at no charge, this interior and exterior vehicle detailing team hand washes every car with no brushes to ensure no scratches.

You're invited to experience their signature complete car detailing, hand wax, shampoo carpets, and wash and vacuum services.

Included is a promise you'll receive only the highest level of service from their technicians, who are also trained to steam clean your engine upon request.

Various payment methods, including major credit cards and checks, are accepted, and a loyalty program is offered for a free car wash every 6th wash you purchase from Melvin's. Don't feel washed out when the weather ruins your pretty polish, either, because Melvin's On The Spot Car Wash is among the only Florence, AL, car washes to offer a 24-hour rain guarantee. Call 256-767-3366 today to schedule your first of many Melvin's magic car washes.


We feature:

    * Pickup and Delivery Services (no extra charge within a limited area).
    * We are licensed, bonded, and insured.
    * Interior and Exterior Detailing.
    * Wash and Wax.
    * Steam Clean Engine Services.
    * All cars are Hand Washed.
    * We accept Visa, MC, Amex, Discover, and Checks.
Full-Service Hand Car Washing in Florence, AL

Every 6th Wash is FREE

Gift Certificates are Available

* * * 24-HOUR RAIN GUARANTEE * * *

Satisfaction Guaranteed

2221 Huntsville Road, Florence, Alabama

* * * * Dealer and Fleet Owners * * * *

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