Prices for Car Cleaning and Complete Car Detailing in Florence, AL

Complete Car Detailing in Florence, AL  Hand Car Washing in Florence, AL

The company provides hand car washing for cars, trucks, and vans. Additionally, they do carpet shampooing, skilled inside cleaning, odor elimination, hand waxing, and complete car detailing in Florence, AL. They also protect all tires.

When the weather ruins your gorgeous shine, don't feel disappointed because Melvin's On The Spot Car Wash is one of just a few car washes in Florence, Alabama, that provide a 24-hour rain guarantee. To arrange your first of many Melvin's Magic Car Washes, call 256-767-3366 right away.


Outside only - $10.00
Wash and Vacuum - $12.00

Wash and Shampoo:

Carpet or Seats - $25.00
Carpet and Seats - $30.00
Wash, Wax, and Shampoo - $40.00

Vans Slightly Higher

Complete Car Detailing:

We will be happy to give a quote.

Pickup and delivery at no charge within a specified area

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