We Shampoo Carpets in Florence, AL

Regularly deep cleaning your car is necessary to keep it in excellent condition. While accumulating dirt, dust, or grime is normal, it is hygienic and ideal for cleaning them often so that foul odors or stains don’t seep through the surface or cause permanent damage.

At Melvin’s On The Spot Car Wash, we shampoo carpets in Florence, AL, to help vehicle owners maintain and take care of their rides. We offer complete car detailing services, including:

• Wash and Wax
Wash and Vacuum
• Steam Clean

Enjoy Fresh and Clean Carpets

Give your car interior a makeover when you hire our professional detailing team. Your satisfaction is our top priority. We follow the highest industry standards and use the appropriate cleaning agents and techniques to ensure we don’t leave any areas or crevices untouched.

After each session, expect a fresh and clean carpet that will make traveling much more enjoyable, whether alone or with other people.

What Makes Us Different

• We offer a unique pickup and delivery service, at no charge, for clients within a limited radius.
• Our 24-hour rain guarantee gives added comfort and assurance because when it rains a day after we wash and polish your vehicle, you can return for a free service.
• We give our loyal customers a free car wash on their 6th appointment at our shop.

Contact Us

Schedule a car detailing service today. Located in Florence, AL, we provide accessible and cost-effective services regardless if you’re new or a regular patron. We treat all our clients equally and ensure that you will leave feeling satisfied with our work each time.

Call 256-767-3366 to book an appointment now. We accept various payment methods, including major credit cards and checks.

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