Odor Removal in Florence, AL

Ensure that your car won’t only look good but also smell great. Deodorize and sanitize your vehicle to remove unpleasant smells with Melvin’s On The Spot Car Wash. We offer odor removal in Florence, AL, giving your car a nice, fresh scent so you can have a comfortable driving experience.

Lasting Fresh Scent

Getting an odor removal service is especially beneficial when you plan to sell your car or purchase a used one. We shampoo carpets and wash and vacuum interior parts to guarantee that your vehicle is thoroughly cleaned. Whether you’re dealing with pet odor, food stains, mildew, cigarette smoke, or more, we can help eliminate them with our services.

About Melvin’s On The Spot Car Wash

Our company offers full-service car detailing, including hand washing and deep cleaning of your vehicle inside and out. We care about your convenience, which is why we also have pickup and delivery services at no extra charge within a limited area.

Schedule a Service

Visit Melvin’s On The Spot Car Wash today and let us do the cleaning for you. You can also check out our list of services and prices. With us, you’ll leave feeling good about having a clean-smelling car.

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